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PILKEMASTER firewood processors

PILKEMASTER Evo - firewood processors are designed for producing top-quality firewood safely, efficiently and with ease. They have many features which make the job faster and more efficient! As well tractor mounted models as models with own electrical motor are available.

  • PILKEMASTER Evo safe, easy and economical
  • Hydraulic log lifter, less strain on your back and arms
  • Cross cutting by chain saw, safe and quiet
  • Splitting 3,5 and 5,5 t, fast and accurate 
Technical data PILKEMASTER
 Gross cutting by chain saw, inch 13
 Drive of chainsaw hydraulic
 Normal splitting action / minute, 30 cm lenght  35
 Rapid splitting action / minute, 30 cm lenght  50
 Splittinhg force, t 3,5 and 5,5 t
 Max. Stem diameter, cm 30 and 36
 Max. Lenght of split wood 60
 Conveyor belt width, cm 24
 Conveyor lenght, m 4
 Drive of conveyor hydraulic
 Weight, kg 520
 Power requirement, kW 7,5
 Power source, standart  (optional electric motor / combustion motor)


Pilkemaster Evo video                                Superpilke video

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